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Berlin-based musician Melvin Hein fearlessly channels the raw emotions of love and loss into haunting melodies and heartfelt lyrics. His music, a fusion of minimal melancholy and passionate melodrama, authentically captures the human experience, inviting listeners into a world of unfiltered emotions and profound storytelling.

Starting his musical journey at 13 when he picked up the guitar, Melvin found solace in penning songs, using music as an instinctual response to life's emotional whirlwinds, a natural outlet for expression and introspection.

Over the past year, Melvin and his band mesmerized audiences in and around Berlin, gracing stages at renowned venues like The White Rose and Baergarten at Revier Südost. Their performances blend old-school pop-rock ballads with electronic elements, resonating with the current musical zeitgeist, oscillating between melancholy and empowerment.

Inspired by icons like Carly Simon and Fleetwood Mac, Melvin's lyrical prowess draws depth from artists such as Orla Gartland, Taylor Swift, and Lauren Aquilina.

His 'Sakura - EP,' released in 2021, comprises downtempo, hopelessly romantic songs, notably 'Leave,' released in 2023. This song encapsulates the melodrama of departing from toxic relationships, evoking a liberating self-realization.

Anticipating 2024, Melvin prepares a compelling lineup of songs for his eagerly awaited album, each delving deeper into the human emotional landscape through his distinct musical lens.



Grüntaler Straße 59a, 13359 Berlin

+49 (0) 176 70842898

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